Owner's ROLE

                        WHAT WE BELIEVE


Injury from mold and lead poisoning is preventable.  

Hire MDE certified contractors and inspectors.  

Insist on compliance with all guidelines for all homes.


  • Clean and replace old paint
  • Restore old windows.  Lead free replacement windows save.
  • Hire certified contractors.  Removing lead paint improperly is worse than doing nothing
  • Test for dust and educate all residents of older property.
  • Make sure all residents know how to keep safe from danger.

      The US did not outlaw lead paint for residential interior use until 1978.  

      Since that time there have been thousands of injuries from lead and mold poisoning.

      The future can be better.  The rate of cases has dropped dramatically

Inspect and eliminate


Our inspector will show you how to treat the hazards, register.  Then, we can properly inspect to confirm the reduction of the hazards.




Provide residents with the ability to avoid lead and mold hazards.  Owners are required to deliver important documents.  The required publications are available on this site for free