Price List

  • Phone consultations are no charge.  We will verbally assess your situation and let you know what we will look for during the inspection.  We will let you know how you can prepare the home for the best possible inspection result.                                                  Free

  • Site consultation- Pre inspection Site Visit:  Visual assessment interior and exterior of all painted surfaces.  Clear instructions for the property owner to bring home to the condition where a lead inspection can be completed.                                                                             $99

  • Visual inspection for certificate issue.  The same assessment as the site consultation for the integrity of all painted surfaces.  Dust samples are taken in each room as specified by law.  We inspect for pealing paint, flaking surface flaws and rubbing in friction areas such as doors and steps.  The samples are delivered to our lab and results transmitted to the owner.  The fee includes issuing of the official lead certificate needed for every new tenant in rental homes built in 1978 or before.  This fee includes delivery of the mandated documents to the lab, owner, tenant and the MDE.  Lab fees additional                     $149

  • Lab fees- EPA and Maryland MDE certified lab tests.  These samples will detect particles if lead as a number of parts per billion with a calibration test as necessary.  The test results are ready within five working days.  Each room requires a sample to be taken.  Each sample and five business days for results.                                        $15
  • Rush service for lab results-  If requested the sample results can be processed in a shorter time.  Results can be done same day or over night even on the weekend.  Rush service per sample:                    $45

  • Additional fees may be assessed for after hours inspections, no show appointments or no access at appointment time.  Fees include mileage up to 25 miles from Annapolis.  Over 25 miles = 50 cents per mile

As an example:

An inspection visit to a three bedroom home in

Bowie, MD would cost $239

with normal service for

six test locations in a single family home.